Some people are giving more importance to shopping than their own life and the life of their children. Spokesperson of Balochistan Government Liaquat Shahwani


QUETTA: Spokesman of Balochistan government Liaquat Shahwani while addressing a press conference said that the number of cases of corona has increased in Balochistan. The current situation has become as dangerous as May and June last year. He said that in the current dangerous situation of Corona, we, the business community, are repeatedly appealing to the public transporters. He said that public transport would remain closed till May 16,At present, worship should be done through SOPs. During the last Eid days, the cases of Corona increased by 3 to 4 times. In the last lockdown, rations of Rs. The decision of complete lockdown may be taken by the NCOC. Senior doctors have also expressed concern over the increase in cases. They said that there will be a complete ban on lunar night as well. It is hoped that after the lockdown, the number of cases will be reduced by May 16. The complete lockdown will continue till May 16. Eid holidays have been announced.

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