Olympian Rashid Qanbrani is a precious asset of our country, instead of being a watchdog, he should be given the responsibility of boxing coaching in a department or coaching the Pakistani team by the government .. Abdul Rashid Baloch


KARACHI: Former President of Pakistan Boxing Council, Olympian Boxer Abdul Rashid Baloch has said that Olympian boxer Rashid Qanbrani, who has made a name for Pakistan in the world of boxing, has been posted at the gate of Steel Mill to watch the flow of traffic and salute Pakistan. Kawa is a Heroic Asian Medalist, winning medals for Pakistan in many countries and being National Champion for 12 years.We strongly condemn the process of appointing him as a guard at the gate. In his statement, Abdul Rashid Baloch said that Olympian Rashid Qanbrani is a valuable asset of our country.Rashid Qanbrani, who was also proud to be awarded medals, is saluting those who bow down today, which is a humiliation of this great hero of our boxing. He said that the entire professional boxer community is protesting and demands from PM Imran Khan that he is a sportsman. Give them what they deserve. The purpose of introducing professional boxing in Pakistan was to enable people to make a living. Professional boxing is one of the most expensive sports in the world but to reach this level, our boxers need to compete as much as possible. Yes, PBC is organizing all these competitions on its own.

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