The flood situation forced the groom to take the barat in boats. Video viral

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According to media reports, flood situation is prevailing in Bihar. Villages have been inundated. Due to heavy rains, village Gobarsitha in Samastipur district is under flood these days. Taking his bride in boats According to media reports, due to the flood situation, the groom booked three boats for the farewell, through which he arrived with his family. The video of the farewell is going viral on social media.

#WATCH | Bihar: A wedding procession reached a bride's home in Samastipur's Gobarsittha village on boats & returned with her on the same, as the village is inundated due to rise in water level of Bagmati River. Three boats were arranged by the villagers for the procession.

— ANI (@ANI) July 10, 2021

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