The country cannot develop unless it has the supremacy of the constitution. Dr Malik Baloch

Hub..Former Chief Minister of Balochistan
and Central Leader of National Party Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch has said that the people of Balochistan cannot get relief unless transparent elections are held.
He was talking to the media after attending a program to join the National Party in Hub. Dr. Malik Baloch said that the country cannot develop unless there is supremacy of the constitution in the country. We are part of the PDM and will fully support every movement of the PDM. The party will take full part in the 2023 elections in which, and the National Party will win. He said that the issue of mistrust was created by the Bap Party himself and ended by himself. Central Committee Member Engineer Hameed Baloch, Provincial General Secretary Sindh Majeed Sajid, Central Vice President Rajab Ali Rind and other party workers and officials were present.

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