We have done record development work in our short tenure.Dr Malik Baloch

Nasirbad..These views were expressed by the Central President of the National Party, former Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch while addressing a tehsil meeting held in Nasirabad.Addressing the meeting, he said that the aim of the National Party’s politics is to eradicate unemployment, poverty and ignorance. He further said that the National Party is a national and political party. He made education universal by paying special attention. Today, if the educational situation has improved, the credit goes to the National Party. On the other hand, billions of rupees were withdrawn from the exchequer, but not a single significant development scheme is visible.If the situation continues like this, there are fears that schools and hospitals will be reduced to rubble.Addressing the meeting, Wajah Abul Hassan, a member of the Central Committee, said that the role of the workers is very important in organizing the people, making the party active and dynamic. As a result of hard work, the popularity of the party is increasing day by day and people are joining the party in droves. Addressing the meeting, Nazimuddin Advocate, a member of the Central Committee, said that the political trend was in favor of the National Party. The victory of the National Party in the next elections is certain. They will come to power and try to solve the basic problems of the people.District President Mushkoor Anwar, Nisar Ahmed, Gahram Aslam, Anwar Aslam Bizenjo, Zafar Nasir, Zubair Nasir, Ahmed Ali, Amir Bakhsh, Nadil Nawab, Hafeez Baloch, Dr. Rafiq, Manzoor Ahmed and Hasil Mehr addressed the meeting.

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