Comedy king umar Shareef has died,A look at Umar Shareef’s life

KARACHI: Legendary Umar Shareef, who brought smiles on the faces of millions of people, has died in a German hospital while he was being taken to the United States for treatment. Omar Sharif had to be admitted to a hospital.

Where was Omar Sharif born?

Umer Shareef Born on April 19, 1955 in Liaquatabad area of ​​Karachi, he started his career with stage dramas at the age of 14.After which his journey of success began. Mir Sharif showed the essence of his actor in theater, stage, film and TV.

Umer Shareef Real Name

Umer shareef real name was Mohammad Umar. At the beginning of his career, Omar Sharif also gave his name as Umar Zarif When Egyptian actor Umar Sharif’s film ‘Lawrence of Arabia‘ was screened in the decade, the young Muhammad Umar became Umar Sharif.

Ummar Shareef first released his plays from audio cassettes in 1980. Umer Shareef wrote the scripts for more than 70 plays. He acted and hosted as well as participated in various programs as a judge. Umer Shareef Welfare in 2006 Established a trust under which a hospital is set up in the name of the mother where free treatment facilities are provided to the patients.

How many awards did Omar Sharif get?

Umer Shareef has won ten Nigar Awards in his lifetime while Umer Shareef has also been awarded the Tamga Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan.

When will the body of Omar Sharif be brought to Pakistan?

According to private Tv sources, Umer Shareef body will be brought to Pakistan by Tuesday

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