Landlords of Lasbela district are indebted to the tune of crores of rupees due to illegal bills.Zemidaran action commeti

Uthal..The Uthal department should stop the injustice done to the electric landlords, otherwise there will be strong protests in the district. Due to illegal electricity bills, the landlords of Lasbela district are in debt of crores of rupees. Prime Minister Imran Khan, Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Jam Kamal Khan Aliani Take note of the excesses of the Federal Minister for Water and Power and the Federal Minister for Energy

These views were expressed by Zamindars Action Commiti Lasbela District President Mohammad Aslam Suri, Tehsil Othal President Ali Mohammad Mandara, Tehsil Vander President Mohammad Rahim Baloch and Wadera Suleiman Angaria at an important press conference at Armabil Press Club Othel. Vice President Abu Bakar Bara, General Secretary Muhammad Musa Marri, Haji Saeed, Chaudhry Faiz, Yusuf Angaria, Muhammad Jaman, Muhammad Omar Mandra, Ishaq Mandra, Babar and others are present.

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