The honor bestowed by the people of Kharan will always be remembered..chief of Barek

Kharan..Accompanied by Chief of Barracks Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani, Nobzada Mir Shehak Jan Shahwani Takri, Ehteramul Haq Shahwani Takri, Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shahwani Takri, Gul Mohammad Shahwani, Mir Pasand Khan Shahwani, Chairman Atta Muhammad Shahwani, Mir Mujeeb Shahwani, Mushtaq Shahwani, Nahab Haji Khaliqdad Shahwani Tribals belonging to the tribes greeted him warmly at Azad Gaz and brought him to Kharan city in a procession, where addressing the reception and tribal elders, Nawab Shahwani said that the people of Kharan have shown respect. It will always be remembered, he said, adding that the Shahwani tribes are a peaceful nation and live on the basis of respect and fraternal relations with other nations of Balochistan.

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