The second largest and most luxurious passenger ship anchored in the history of Gadani Shipbreaking Yard.

Gaddani.The second largest and most luxurious passenger ship in the history of Gadani-Gadani Shipbreaking Yard, the Antares Expenince, anchored at Plot No. 42, Gadani Shipbreaking Yard. Including more than 2,000 people can be accommodated

There are 700 double bed rooms, casinos, swimming pools, theaters, cinemas, game zones, fitness clubs, medical centers, party dancing halls and all other amenities in a 7-star hotel. Are present

Antares Expenince Ship, built in Italy in 1993, was purchased by Gadani’s shipbreaker Seth Ahmed Alam Khan for scraping after completing 28 years of voyage in almost all countries of the world. The crew, including the captain, is Russian.

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