The demands of Gwadar Protester are legitimate. The government should immediately accept their demands. Dr. Malik Baloch

OTHAL: Former Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, the central president of the National Party, has said that the movement never weakens and gradually expands until the present government announces elections. And now it will intensify. The demands of the participants of Gwadar sit-in are legitimate. If the government does not accept their demands immediately, then the movement may spread throughout Balochistan

The previous and present government of Balochistan is a branded government. They have come to the government by stealing the mandate of the people. The National Party was abused in the 2018 and 2002 elections. Dr Malik Baloch said that the demands for sit-in in Gwadar are all legitimate and immediate solution is required.The only announcements of the government are that the token system has come to an end and illegal trawling has stopped but that trend is still going on today. The decision that PDM will make will be accepted by us. Now the march has been announced which will be a historic march

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