The roof of the house collapsed due to rain in Uthal. 3 children killed, mother and father injured, all three children buried in local cemetery

Uthal.. Three children were killed and their father and mother were injured when the roof of a dilapidated house collapsed due to rain in Derja Goth Shafi Mohammad of Mouza Derja Goth uthal due to recent rains while mother and father were injured. According to the deceased children are between 5 and 9 years of age

The injured were shifted to District Headquarters Hospital Uthal. Deputy Commissioner Lasbela Iftikhar Bugti also inspected the site. Funeral prayers of the three children were offered by Maulvi Ismail Shahook.

Senior Central Leader of Balochistan Awami Party Mumtaz Maroof Tribal Personality Wadera Muhammad Hassan Jamoat, Wadera Shahnawaz Hassan Jamoat, Wadera Rahim Bakhsh Jamoat, Wadera Naik Mohammad Jamoat, Wadera Karim Bakhsh Shahuk, Abdullah Shahwani, Haji Muhammad Hussain Jamoat, Haji Akbar Jamoot Muharram Hashim Shahook, Habibullah Jamoat, Mohammad Yousuf Jamoat, Rafiq Tabassum, Pir Bakhsh Kalmati, Imam Bakhsh Jamoat, Akbar Jamoat, Akbar Jamoat, Usman Shahooq, Jalal Shahooq, Khalifa Hassan Bara, Khair Muhammad Shahooq and others attended in large numbers.

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