Asi Naveed called at 6 pm to say that he was trapped.Cousin Tayyab Gondal

Muree.ISLAMABAD: According to details, Tayyab Gorondal, cousin of Naveed Iqbal, an Islamabad police officer who was killed along with his family in the Murree tragedy, was talking to Naveed about his last words. Tayyab Gondal said that Naveed Iqbal was with his three daughters, a son, sister, niece and nephew.

Naveed had left in his car while we were in local transport. Tayyab said that Naveed called at 6 pm and told me that he was trapped. My last contact with Naveed was at 4 amAsked for Sajid Kayani’s number, Tayyab Gondal said, “GT road and motorway were clear from below but there was heavy traffic at the place where the snowfall started. I also contacted SSP traffic.” He sent live location to the administration. But there was no help. Tayyab said that Naveed Iqbal was a heart patient

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