If the proposal to make Hub a district was made by Qudoos Bizenjo, then Sardar Saleh Bhootani should take action against it. There will be a big protest against it in Lasbela, Jam Kamal Khan

UTHAL: Former Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Jam Kamal Khan Aliani while talking to media at Uthal District Council Hall said that he has personal relations with Bilawal Bhutto. To end this, the structure of management and governance has to be improved. Kamal Khan said that if it remained like this, there would be no improvement in the next five years.

We have run the government for three and a half years, during which time no one used the CM House for personal gain. On the formation of the new district, Jam Kamal Khan said that Ormara had been divided before and now the division of the remaining area cannot be allowed. I hope that this proposal would not have been given by Sardar Muhammad Saleh Bhootani.

If this proposal was from Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo then Sardar Saleh Bhutani should also take action against it. It is like a bouquet. It will be beautiful in the form of Lasbela and we will go to the Supreme Court. Problems can only be solved by improving the structure of management and governance

In response to a question, he said that internal differences exist in every party. Balochistan Awami Party also remained but people openly expressed reservations. We gave them a better opportunity. There is no cold war between Jam Bhootani. And there are gaps between them. We should work for the wider interest of Lasbela and for the survival of Lasbela: not Chief Minister Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo, but the people around him feel the Chief Minister. It is inappropriate to do so. He said that we reject this agenda

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