For the first time in the history of Balochistan, cultivation of Moringa has been successfully tested

For the first time in the history of Balochistan, cultivation of Moringa has been successfully tested on five acres of land for agricultural research. Director wayaro Research Farm Waqar Lasi, in a briefing on the occasion of a surprise visit to Lasbela along with the DG Water Management of the Secretaries of the Department of Agriculture and Information, said that Moringa has been successfully cultivated on five acres on a trial basis with limited resources. The Moringa crop has since been dried and made into powder which is also beneficial for diabetic patients. It was informed in the briefing that 25 acres of research farm was cultivable in 2017. During the last three years, 85 acres of cultivable land has been made cultivable. The Secretary Agriculture was informed in the briefing that Due to non-supply of electricity as per the demand of Electric of wayaro Research Farm set up for agricultural purposes, two bore solar systems have been energized due to non-availability of electricity. He said in the briefing that 8 posts of Agriculture Officer have been lying vacant for a long time in the research farm. Cultivation has been done. After trial experiment, high yielding wheat seeds will be encouraged to cultivate.
Speaking on the occasion, Secretary Agriculture Balochistan umeed Ali Kokhar said that the officers of wayaro Research Farm should play their role in improving their performance and making the landowners aware of modern farming methods. ARI is present in Quetta. Field Officers should send the Directorate for Soil Analysis and Research to provide awareness to the farmers and landowners with awareness and incentives. The eyes of the landlords are on the field officers for guidance and awareness. Irresponsibility of the officers will not be tolerated at all. The transfer of water supply in the farm to drip irrigation system was also discussed.
Information Balochistan Imran Khan said. Balochistan is basically a province with almost every agricultural economy and in order to increase agricultural production, increase production capacity per acre and make full use of available resources, farmers must be fully aware of the use of modern technology and other requirements, he said. The media can play an important role and the Information Officers especially the staff working at the divisional and district level can play a positive and active role in understanding the resources and issues.
On the occasion of the visit of the Secretaries of both the Departments of Agriculture and Information, Director wayaro Research Farm Waqar Lasi presented a commemorative shield to the guests. The Agriculture Secretary, DG Water Management and Secretary Information also visited coconut Farm uthal .
On the absence of officers on the occasion of the visit, the Secretary Agriculture expressed his displeasure and issued suspension orders.

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