Mysterious objects were seen in the sky in different areas of Pakistan

Incidents of sighting of flying saucers have been reported in different areas of Pakistan… The observers saw some mysterious dots in the sky which were moving in a single line like the coaches of the train… According to some, it was a space creature which was a secret visit to Pakistan. When it arrived, some thought it was a spy drone. But when the research was done, it was found that the American private space agency SpaceX has launched a group of 60 satellites.

Which is being called Starlink… these satellites will provide 5G internet services to the inhabitants of the earth while staying at an altitude of 550 km… Under this project, 12 thousand satellites will be launched till 2027… out of which these 60 satellites will be launched. The first batch is… these 12 thousand satellites will be the size of a computer table, which will orbit the earth in three layers and will be connected to each other and will create a network of strong signals around the earth.

Acording to media report Through this project, the provision of internet will be ensured in remote seas and deserts, these are the areas where there is no internet today. What can be seen on the sky sheet… However, whether this project will leave a positive or negative impact on the human future, only time will tell.

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