In a few days, the notification of the appointment of the Deputy Commissioner will be made after the district becomes Hub. Sardar Muhammad Saleh Bhutani.

Windar/Senior Provincial Minister of Local Government of Balochistan Sardar Muhammad Saleh Bhutani and Sardarzada Muhammad Irfan Bhutani Sahib arrived in Windar met the delegations from different areas and heard the problems. After becoming a hub district, the notification for the appointment of the Deputy Commissioner will be made in a few days. We are together as before, nothing is changing. In the meantime, former deputy nazim Muhammad Ibrahim Duda, former member district council of Lasbela Master Ghulam Rasool Angariya, Dr. Noor Muhammad Angariya, Abdul Sattar Angariya, while informing about the damage caused by the recent floods and rains, said that the large scale of the land But the damage has been done

But still the bills of K Electric are coming in the same way. Institutions should provide relief to the people of the disaster affected district. Houses were damaged due to rain and flood water entering the Gothas of Winder Sonmiani Dam, Mauza Don etc. Houses collapsed and some houses were damaged. We are aware of the sufferings and will not leave anyone alone

On this occasion, eminent personalities of Angariya tribe, Alam Khan Angariya, former councilor Mir Bahadur Khan Jamot, former councilor Wadira Sulaiman Angariya, Haji Abdul Sattar Angariya, former member district council Haji Habibullah Mirbahr, development officer Abdul Majeed Angariya, Khair Muhammad Suri, Nadra in-charge Ayub Yusuf Angariya. Sardar Zangi Khan, Secretary Inayatullah Rathore, Deputy Director of Agriculture Extension Qamaruddin Baloch, DDEO Habibullah Baradia, Wadira Abdul Rasheed Jamali Angaria, Noor Mohammad Jamali Angaria.

Mazar Khan Angariya, Haji Amin Sajdi, Samiullah Baloch, Yusuf Sajdi, Wadira Aziz Sabra, Wadira Faqir Nazir Ahmed Soomro Kalmati, Javed Ali Suri, Imran Bardia, Wadira Liaqat Vandani, Wadira Salim Kakani, Abdul Karim Angaria, Mir Ghulam Mustafa Angaria, Mukesh. Kumar, Farooq, Abdul Hakeem Angariya, Sardar Alam Gangu, Contractor Abdul Ghafoor Angariya, Saleh Muhammad Angariya, Zahid Mazar Angariya, Secretary Nisar Sur, SHO Ghulam Mustafa Shah, Havaldar Abdullah Angariya, Akram Palari, Alam Angariya, Salim Angariya Sikandar Angariya, Aslam Ibrahim, Munir Sur, Ghulam Mustafa Angaria and others were present

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