Floods have caused heavy losses in the entire province.Cm balochistan

Awaran: On the occasion of the arrival of Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Abdul Qudous Bizenjo to Awaran, a huge public meeting was organized in which thousands of people from different areas of Awaran district participated, including women, while all political parties participated in the public meeting. The district officials and workers also participated. People expressed their love and devotion to the Chief Minister by participating in the meeting in large numbers. Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that he is not only the servant of Awaran but the entire Balochistan today. Being present in my area where the situation was very bad until a few years ago, while addressing the participants, the Chief Minister thanked them for their love and enthusiastic reception and said that the trust of the people is their greatest strength.

The chief minister said that today Awaran has become the cradle of peace due to the sacrifices of the Pakistan army and security forces. It has to be done so that future generations remember us with good words. The Chief Minister said that whether there is a flood or an earthquake or there is a problem of peace and order, the Pakistan Army has helped us in every difficult hour. Build a Girls Cadet College We are fulfilling this dream and will inaugurate the Girls Cadet College with the family of the martyr. The Chief Minister said that only nations develop.

Those who have respect for their institutions in their hearts, criticizing institutions is not in the national and national interest. Pakistan’s forces have always played a fundamental role in the safety and security of the country. That there is no opposition in the assembly today, he said that the flood is a severe test for us, there have been heavy losses in the entire province due to the flood, will not sit down until the flood victims are restored.

If I go on a visit to the affected areas, relief and rehabilitation activities will be affected and all administrations will follow the protocol. , announced the development projects of electricity, communication and other sectors, later the Chief Minister kept the security requirements aside and mingled with the people and signed the petitions submitted by them collectively and individually.

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