The photo of Pakistan’s first hijab rapper and Baloch singer Ewa B is displayed at the famous Times Square of America

According to the media report, the music streaming website ‘Spotify‘ has paid tribute to the rapper and Baloch singer Ewa B by displaying her picture at the famous Times Square in America.

Previously, Spotify has also displayed the photos of 7 Pakistani female singers at Times Square. Spotify started a project called ‘Aqual Pakistan’ from March this year, in which a photo of a Pakistani singer is displayed at Times Square every month. As part of the ‘Going Akoel Pakistan’ project, Pakistani-American singer Urooj Aftab and singer Momina Mustahsan have already performed their image.

Baloch rapper and singer Eva b called the display of his photo a historic moment Eva B is Pakistan’s first hijab and Balochi singer whose picture was displayed in Times Square

It should be noted that Eva b made his name in the song ‘Kana Yaari’ of Coke Studio Season 14 this year, due to which he got a lot of fame.

Eva B made her singing debut three years ago in 2018 by sharing her first Instagram post.
Eva B started wearing her Baloch cultural dress from the beginning but also started wearing full hijab and hence her popularity increased.

Balochi singer Eva B belongs to Lyari Karachi

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